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Adoption Support!

See our story featured here:
Mom at Last Community
We are proud to announce we will be helping a local family with their adoption fundraiser! We will donate $4 for every book sold to their family ($8 + tax and shipping) 
Please click on the link below to fill out the form (Enter Promo Code: Radebaugh) and then click on the correct PayPal button to pay for your order!


To purchase a copy that will be shipped click here ($2.00 for shipping):

To purchase a copy to be delivered at church (Element Attendees ONLY - FREE) Click Here:


The Radebaugh's have adopted two boys previously (1 in 2009 and 1 in early 2012).    

Here is an email sent from their family.

We are excited to share with you that God has called us to the adoption journey once again! This time in a very unexpected way; we received a phone call on Monday December 3rd from the adoption agency that we adopted both our boys from and they said that Eli’s birth parents were pregnant again and wanted to place the child with us so that they could keep the siblings together.  Needless to say we were shocked and overwhelmed.  We knew that we would adopt again and had plans to do so in the far future, but after Jason, a member of 4 kids (they work to raise up foster and adoptive families in our county) came to visit our church and talked about the continuous need for adoptive and foster families,  we began praying about what role God wanted us to play now.  We never imagined that we would literally be called a week later and offered the opportunity to adopt Eli’s biological sibling.

Of course we knew we needed to pray hard about this decision; on the one hand our hearts were crying yes, yes, yes we are in, but our practical and logical side was saying you can’t, you don’t have $25,000, you don’t have a car that can hold 3 car seats, and this would mean 3 children under the age of 4. We knew that the only right answer would be God’s; so we turned to the spirit and prayed hard for clarity and his will over this child’s life.  We also called friends and family to start praying as well.  On Tuesday evening Grant began to say with confidence that he felt the Lord Leading us to move forward with this adoption and he would provide, I ( Hannah) on the other hand was still in limbo, I didn’t fear either decision or disagree with Grant’s confidence I just wanted God to give me assurance of my own.   We went to bed that night with no formal decision and the next morning I began to pray again for clarity and assurance I asked God if I was missing the sign or being selfish in looking for assurance and I felt as though the only answer was I have given confidence.  But the Lord is so Gracious and on the way to work that day I put in a new CD that the pastor had given me and in the first song I felt God completely speak to me and tell me to let go and move forward with this, I was still crying when I got to work and found Grant’s email that said he had been given assurance on the way to work that day that we were suppose to move forward.  I felt a total peace about our decision, but God, knowing we are a fickle people, continued to offer confirmation the next day with phone calls from friends and family who had words for us.  So, here we are, in the middle of God’s plan taking one step at a time.

Delores (the birth mom) is due April 19th.  The Cost of the adoption is $25,000 and we will need a vehicle that can hold 3 car seats before we can bring home a third child.  We have no doubts that the Lord will provide all that is needed.  Our next step is securing a home study update which costs $500 and securing the match by paying the preliminary expenses, which total $5,000.  We cannot begin to apply for Grants until we have an updated  Home Study.

We are sharing our story so that this whole thing can be covered in immense prayer. Any adoption carries with it risks and this one has its fair share but we know that there is power in prayer and the Lord is faithful. Please pray for the birth parents, the baby, the agency, and our family. Pray that God provides all that is needed to secure the adoption and bring the baby home.  Thank you for sharing in this journey with us.  God Bless,

Hannah, Grant, Landon, and Eli

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Don't Forget!

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Local Giveaway

If you are local to the Brandon Area we have a giveaway for you!

Visit the link below for Macaroni Kid Brandon.  Once you subscribe to their FREE weekly newsletter with things to do for the kids - you are eligible to enter to win a signed copy of the book!

Brandon Macaroni Kid


Hey Everyone! 
  Want to hear what people are saying about the Kaleidoscope Kids?  Head on out to the following blogs and check out their reviews!

Conny Withay

I Love My Kids

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You can now search for our book in iTunes!  You can download a digital copy of The Kaleidoscope Kids for $2.99 right in your iTunes account!

Enter to Win!

Hey Everyone! Head on over to The Children's Book Review - and enter to win a free copy of The Kaleidoscope Kids!! Contest runs from now until January 4th! Good Luck!

The Children's Book Review!l

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And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway for a Free Kaleidoscope Kids book! Our winners were Dorthy J. and Shemp D.

 If you would like a copy of our book go our website Click on "Order Books" and you can order a copy of the Paperback or e-book!

Keep coming back for more exciting developments with the Kaleidoscope Kids. Including future giveaways!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Come out this Sunday to Element's Trunk or Treat!  There will be lots of activities to do, I will be doing book readings and signings!! Hope to see you there!!

Gumballs And Overalls

Gumballls and Overalls! This wonderful local Children's Boutique has selected to sell our book in it's store!  If you are local and would like to pick up a copy - you can visit this store!  They have many items to offer and such a great staff!

Here is their Facebook page:

Book Readings

Today I was able to do some book readings at the Brandon Montessori School.  I loved meeting the teachers, students, and engaging in a conversation of writing a book with the kids.  They seemed to enjoy the story and time I was able to spend with them. 
     I am looking forward to more book readings at other local venues and getting the book out to more and more people.  We will be going to the Riverview and SouthShore Montessori Schools, Collins Elementary, and Summerfield Crossings over the coming weeks.  Plus we have some additional venues we may be doing readings at!  
     I will also be at Element Church this Sunday, Oct. 28th from 4:30-6:30 P.M to do readings and signings! Hope to see you there!

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Print Copies!

Hey Everyone - 
  You can now order a copy of the Kaleidoscope Kids - IN PRINT!  It is $7.99 for a Print copy of the book.  You can order through CreateSpace or  Here is the link to the Create Space store:

 CreateSpace - Kaleidoscope Kids

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Now On NOOK!

Hey Everyone!!

 More exciting news - The Kaleidoscope Kids is now up and running on the Barnes and Noble store!!  You can purchase the book for $2.99 there as well!

The Kaleidoscope Kids on NOOK!

Download the NOOK App for your PC, Mac, iPhone/iPod, Tablet, etc.


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How to Find Us

Here is information on where you can find more Kaleidoscope Kids Information:

Kaleidoscope Kids Web Page

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Jade Coloring Page!

Good Morning!  

  The book is up and for sale on  It is only $2.99!   We are going to be releasing iBooks versions, as well as NOOK Version here in the next few days.  

   Here is a coloring page of the Character "Jade" that you can do with your child.  Please feel free to download and print.

   We will have a coloring book of all of the characters for sale on the website as a .PDF soon!

Jade Coloring Rhyme

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Kindle Version Now Available!

The Kindle Version of our book can be purchased by following this link

Purchase on Amazon

If you don't have a Kindle here is a link to download free Apps for Computer, Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other tablets!

Download Kindle for Other Devices

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Almost There!

Just got the files in for the e-book! Very excited.  Hope to have it available for purchase very soon! Cannot wait to share with everyone!!

About The Author

Hey Everyone -
   I wanted everyone to learn a little bit about me as we work to get our book out to the public - and get this blog up and running with lots of ideas and activities.

   I have always valued the relationships and bonds we have the opportunity to create with children.  From the time I was 16, I have been coaching youth sports.  I find it important to give kids the opportunity to spend time doing productive and healthy activities - as a way to keep them from getting engaging in risky behaviors.

   Because of this I have spent many years not only coaching youth - but educating coaches who work with youth.  My philosophy while coaching has always been that playing sports should be fun.  I always have always strive to coach the best teams possible - but mainly to teach the kids I am coaching to enjoy and love what they do.

    I am also a small business owner for over 25 years.  I have worked hard to create systems and programs that make the industry I work in easier and more efficient for others in the industry.  I love working in my industry and coming up with new and exciting ideas.

   But most importantly, I am a Husband, Dad and Grandpa.  I have a wonderful wife of 15 years, who is a teacher, and who I enjoy spending my time with.  I have four grown children - three of whom are teachers and one who assists in running our family business.  I also have 6 grandchildren ranging from newborn - 4th grade.  I enjoy watching my grandchildren grow up and learn.  To see the expressions on their face as they master new tasks, and learn new concepts is truly mesmerizing. I love watching my own children become the wonderful parents that they are.

   It is my work with youth in the community, raising four kids, and involvement with my children's education - that has made me passionate about the work I have done in writing a Children's Book.  I do not plan for this to be the end of my journey as an author. I plan to offer many more activities and experiences with the Kaleidoscope Kids, as well as offer new adventures and stories.

Monday, September 24, 2012


The Kaleidoscope Kids has been a work in progress for a very long time.  I put it down some time ago, but recently came back  to it and  I am now hoping to get it in the hands of the public.

I am due to release an e-book version of the Kaleidoscope Kids in October.  This will be available on many different e-readers.  Please check back here to get more information on the release of the book! 

I will be using my blog as a way to promote different educational activities and crafts for kids.  Activities on here will relate mostly to the content of the book - numbers, colors, shapes - but will include many other activities that will help your children have fun learning! 

I cannot wait to bring you more exciting news and developments as they happen! Please check back here often - or visit my website at