Friday, September 28, 2012

About The Author

Hey Everyone -
   I wanted everyone to learn a little bit about me as we work to get our book out to the public - and get this blog up and running with lots of ideas and activities.

   I have always valued the relationships and bonds we have the opportunity to create with children.  From the time I was 16, I have been coaching youth sports.  I find it important to give kids the opportunity to spend time doing productive and healthy activities - as a way to keep them from getting engaging in risky behaviors.

   Because of this I have spent many years not only coaching youth - but educating coaches who work with youth.  My philosophy while coaching has always been that playing sports should be fun.  I always have always strive to coach the best teams possible - but mainly to teach the kids I am coaching to enjoy and love what they do.

    I am also a small business owner for over 25 years.  I have worked hard to create systems and programs that make the industry I work in easier and more efficient for others in the industry.  I love working in my industry and coming up with new and exciting ideas.

   But most importantly, I am a Husband, Dad and Grandpa.  I have a wonderful wife of 15 years, who is a teacher, and who I enjoy spending my time with.  I have four grown children - three of whom are teachers and one who assists in running our family business.  I also have 6 grandchildren ranging from newborn - 4th grade.  I enjoy watching my grandchildren grow up and learn.  To see the expressions on their face as they master new tasks, and learn new concepts is truly mesmerizing. I love watching my own children become the wonderful parents that they are.

   It is my work with youth in the community, raising four kids, and involvement with my children's education - that has made me passionate about the work I have done in writing a Children's Book.  I do not plan for this to be the end of my journey as an author. I plan to offer many more activities and experiences with the Kaleidoscope Kids, as well as offer new adventures and stories.

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